Entertainment on this page is designed for Adults only

and therefore has an Adult Theme.


We have all kinds of Adult Entertainers on our Books.


  • Burlesque Purformers.
  • Kiss-A-Grams. (Male or Female)
  • Strip-A-Grams. (Male or Female, Topless or Full Nude)
  • Strippers. (Male or Female, Topless or Full Nude)
  • Lap Dancers. (Topless or Full Nude)
  • Pole Dancers.
  • Table Dancers.
  • Topless Barmaids.
  • Sexy Waitress. (Topless, Fantacy costume or Bakini)
  • Butlers in the Buff. (Thong and Apron)
  • Lap Dance Limmos.
  • Hot Hostess Girls.
  • Drag Acts. (Purformance may contain content of an Adult nature)
  • Comediens.(Purformance may contain colourfull language and Adult themed jokes)

    For more information or to Book one or more of our Quality Adult entertainers

    Please phone 07403 179 550


    E-Mail: mail@knight-entertainment.com